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My name is Brandon Keller. I am the owner/operator of Yankee Bees. We are experienced beekeepers and experienced in honeybee removal. We managed many bee hives here in Habersham county and surrounding areas. I also sell bees as well. I specialize in live honeybee removal including swarms and cut-outs done right the first time. My bee removal service area includes the entire state of Georgia and surrouning areas.

Call me for an estimate: (706) 968-6987

Successful BEE REMOVAL

Successful BEE REMOVAL requires extensive training and experience. BEE REMOVAL can become very complicated depending on where the bees are located. Most of the time, all a customer will see is a dozen or so honey bees going in and out of a hole or crack somewhere on their property. Most people don’t expect, and and are surprised to find, behind that tiny opening are thousands, or even tens of thousands of bees. They are continuously building wax, making more and more deposits of honey, and protecting their colony inside the structure.

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Customer Comments

What past clients are saying...

Larry Russell
   "...did a great job of bee extraction"
Brandon and Joseph did a great job of bee extraction for the price quoted over the phone. They explained everything and had a good time working together. I highly recommend them.

Swamp Bees
   "Great guys to work with.."
Great guys to work with. Friendly and quick. Reasonable prices.

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Honeybee Removal Services

The Problem

Cinque Terre

You have bees swarming or entering a soffit, wall, roof, ceiling, or other seemingly impenetrable location. It's possible you may have a colony of thousands of bees, with many pounds of honeycomb filled with raw honey and thousands of baby honeybees. Call us to help identify your problem and recommend a course of action.

Proper BEE REMOVAL usually requires opening the cavity in which the bees are entering the building, You can rest assured, regardless of where the bees are located, soffit, wall, tile roofs, ceilings, or floor,... I have the experience and training to safely and effectively remove your bee problem. I guarantee your bee infestation will be eradicated.
Remember, I am fully licensed, insured, and have many years of experience removing bees safely.

Honeybee Removal Pricing

Bee removal estimates are difficult to give without seeing the honeybee problem and knowing the location of the problem. With that being said if you call and give a description of the problem, we can usually get you a ballpark price.
Following are some types of Bee Removal projects we specialize in.

Bee Swarm removal. Swarms are a large mass of bees that just recently showed up. If the bee swarm is over 10-12ft high I charge a little extra.

Bee Hive removal. Hives have the bees and honeycomb, the bees have already established a home. This is for the hives that are low to the ground and easy to get to. When I need the big ladder I charge a little more. The queen, worker bees and honeycomb that are removed sometimes weigh over one hundred pounds.

Structural bee hive removal. Hives that have made a home in your home or in a structure requiring cut-outs. Significant care is taken not to create anymore damage to the property then necessary to remove the bees and honeycomb from your structure. We can also repair most structural damage caused by the bees or our removal.

I also perform bee removal from water meter boxes and other unusual locations.

Honeybees For Sale

We sell our honeybees in 5 fame nucs and 3lb packages. We also sell the individual queen. We are currently taking pre-orders for the 2021 year.

1 Nuc - $175
A nuc comes with 5 frames of bees. Generally a nuc will have 2 fames of brood, 2 fames of honey and pollen, a blank or semi blank frame, a mated queen, and of course the bees. The price for a 5 frame nuc is $175.00. To place a pre-order on a nuc we require a non-refundable $50.00 deposit on each nuc.

We are taking pre-orders for the 2021 year.
Call us for Pricing, Terms, and Dates of Availability

taking pre-orders for the 2021 year

3lb package $110
A package contains 3 lbs of bees, a caged queen and a can of sugar syrup. The price of a 3 lb package is $110.00. To place a pre-order on a package we require a $25.00 deposit on each package.

taking pre-orders for the 2021 year


Each queen will come in a cage with a few attendant bees with her. The price of queens vary depending on quantity. A single queen is $30.00

Pricing for larger orders
1-10 $30.00
11-20 $27.00
21-50 $25.00
over 50 $23.00

Mated Queens and attendant bees

Honey For Sale

We sell Honey

Honey pricing
(available in jars or squeeze bottles)
Wildflower - 1 lb Squeeze Bottle: $10
    Pint Jar $10
    Quart Jar $18
    3 lb Squeeze Bottle: $24

Sourwood - Pint $12
   1/2 Pint $7

5 gallon bucket $250

$10 A PINT

Photo Gallery

Some Photos of our
Bee Removal projects and products


In this video we climb 25 foot high to remove some honey bees from a soffit. The bees were friendly and the comb was gnarly!

Bees made a nest in a shipping crate

When we get called out. Sometimes we find out they are not honey bees. In most cases like this one we will remove them anyways.

A honey bee cut out done in White Georgia
This was a fun cutout. Good laughs, good fun, and Good company.
It's always a good time working with Swamp Bees.

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Live honeybee removal, swarms and cut-outs done right the first time guaranteed.
Honest, quality service at affordable prices.

We sell HoneyBees and Honey, call us to order and availability.


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